• Crispy chicken salad with ice cream 12€

    Live lettuces with mustard dressing, complemented with kikos, walnuts, crispy chicken and green mustard ice cream.
  • Seasonal fruit salad 12€

    Live lettuces with red fruit dressing complemented with seasonal fruits, cashews, feta cheese and Chinese noodles.
  • Fruit gazpacho with smoked 5€

    Gazpacho with seasonal fruits with smoked skewers.
  • Prawn pâté 10€

  • Crispy foie micuit with pineapple compote 10€

    Duck liver marinated in amontillado on inverted puff pastry and pineapple compote.
  • Selection of Galician cheeses12€

    Set of Galician Cheeses including: San Simón, Ulloa, Castelo and Aris Moris.
  • Almadraba red tuna tataki22€

    Red Tuna loin cut into thin slices, marinated with soy and citrus.
  • Almadraba red tuna tartare 22€

    Red Tuna loin, onion, capers and pickles, brunoise cut, with Asian dressing.
  • Galician-style scallop (traditional recipe)6€

    Scallop with onion and ham, baked for a rich crispy coating.
  • Scallops with Nikkei sauce 10€

    Grilled scallops on a slightly spicy and exotic sauce (The Ration is 5 Units).
  • Veal croquettes with mint alioli 7.5€

    Croquettes made from a beef stew accompanied by a garlic and mint sauce.
  • Liquid shrimp pancakes 6€

    Explosion of flavor to the typical Cadiz shrimp omelette.
  • Hake and prawn korokkes 7.5€

    Creamy fish with a shrimp inside, lightly breaded with panko and served with a rich miso mayonnaise.
  • Crispy Galician octopus on parmentier20€

    Octopus with a crispy touch on a Galician-style mashed potato with a slight spicy touch.


  • House clams 18€

  • “Xuxu” mussel casserole (slightly spicy)12.5€

    Mussels in a spicy sauce with light Nikkei touches Cockles from the Ria al Albariño
  • Albariño-style cockles from the estuary 16€

    Cockles in a sauce based on Albariño wine.
  • Galician razor clams with ponzu sauce 18€

    Explosion of flavor to the typical Cadiz shrimp omelette.
  • Carabineros au gratin with our sinaloa sauceSee blackboard

    Grilled razor clams with a touch of Ponzu sauce.
  • White PrawnsSee blackboard

  • Prawn from SanlucarSee blackboard



  • Black rice with squid 18€ / p.p

    Rice with squid, ironed and fried, made in its own ink accompanied with saffron alioli Rice with Carabineros
  • Rice with carabinero See blackboard

    Live lettuces with red fruit dressing complemented with seasonal fruits, cashews, feta cheese and Chinese noodles
  • Mushroom risotto with cheek 18€ / p.p

    Creamy rice accompanied by a selection of mushrooms and veal cheeks in red wine.
  • Green rice with fish18€ / p.p

    Green rice accompanied with fish and cockles.


  • Cod pil-pil 18€

    Cod in the purest Basque style with a yellow and creamy pilpil
  • Cod with broa crust18€

    Baked cod with a crust of onion and ham, on a base of potatoes and little peppers
  • Baked turbot17€

    Baked turbot, with a sauce made from the juice of its fins and with a touch of local wine.
  • Hake on skewer in the casserole16€

    Baked hake in a homemade sauce with pure seafood and a small sea urchin crust.
  • Hake cheeks with pil-pil sauceSee blackboard

    Hake cheeks in a yellow and creamy Pilpil in the purest Basque style
  • Monkfish with cod Hake cheeks and clams20€

    in a green sauce
  • Red tuna belly with grilled vegetables 26€

    Grilled tuna belly and a grilled vegetable grilled over charcoal meats.


  • Xarrete with chestnuts16€

    Jarrete stew with meat juice and chestnut in the oldest style of Galicia
  • Duck magret with citrus reduction and vegetable wok16,5€

    Duck magret confit with citrus fruits and Wok vegetables and mushrooms.
  • Iberian pork millefeuille 16,5€

    Presa, ham and cheese arranged in the shape of a mille-feuille with a Pedro Ximenez sauce
  • Iberian pork tenderloin with pine nut sauce20€

    Grilled Pork Tenderloin with an exotic sauce and pine nuts.
  • Lamb shoulder (grilled or baked)24€


  • Galician Beef SteakSee exhibitor

  • Entrecote Galician beef breed20€

  • Galician beef tenderloin22€

  • Grilled meat (minimum 2 people)30,00€ p.p

    Grilled meat containing: Veal entrecote, Iberian secret, Iberian lizard, Iberian pork rib, chorizo and beef churrasco. Accompanied with vegetables, French fries and baked potatoes. Plus two Mojo Picón and Barbacoa sauces
  • Grilled baby vegetables 10€


All desserts are home-made

  • Crispy pancakes or caldeiro6€

    Crispy pancakes with pastry cream and white chocolate and anise soup
  • Torrijas de la Estrada with “flor de toxo” ice cream 6€

    French toast with chocolate and flor de tox liqueur ice cream
  • From Allariz to Chiclana6€

    Crunchy sponge cake with pastry cream and egg yolk, served with PX ice cream and raisins.
  • Our version of the after-eight hottie6€

    Chocolate mousse and mint foam.
  • Seasonal sorbet with alcohol6€

  • Seasonal sorbet3,5€

* If you suffer from any type of allergy or intolerance to any type of food, please notify the waiter, who will offer you an allergen menu *

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